Usefulness of Product is Key

Consumers want products that are, first and foremost, useful to them, especially when it comes to the more practical items such as writing instruments and USB drives. Here, usefulness outweighs attractiveness by at least five to one. However, that’s not to say that attractiveness isn’t important, especially if the item needs to be worn. For outerwear, attractiveness is a very close second to usefulness in reasons for keeping the product, with more than half of those who own outerwear reporting they keep it because it is attractive. If you want a customer to use the product for reference, then calendars are the way to go. Apparel items, whether they be shirts, outerwear or hats, are cited as the most enjoyable to have.



*Source: 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study



Flash Drive

Flash Drive

Pen w/ Stylus

Stylus Pen



Sticky Pads

Stick On


Golf Umbrella


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