Decorating Options: Embroidery




3 Part Series – Embroidery, Applique and Laser Etched.

So you’re wanting to embroider your logo on some type of apparel and don’t know where to start.  Knowing what type of applications are out there help you accomplish the look you want for your brand. Here are a few different options to really make your logo stand out and trendy.


Embroidery – decorating a piece of cloth with a stitched design

Embroidery 1Embroidery 4










Embroidery is more than here’s a picture of my logo embroider it.  Digitizing the artwork is the first step and the most critical.  If you have a digitizer who cuts corners to save thread count you could be in trouble.  This is one area in embroidery where you definitely get what you pay for.  The good news is you only have to digitize your logo or art once.  Embroidery is priced based on thread count.  You can embroider easy to complex designs to just words.




Embroidery 2

Embroidery 3












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