Trade Show – What Now?


So you’re company is doing a trade show – what now?

How are you going to work your trade show?  Here are some tips to help ensure you have a successful trade show.

Pre-Show Planning – Planning is KEY to a successful trade show outing.  Make sure if you take 3-5 people that you divide and conquer

Trade Show

  • Make contact with prospective clients to make sure they know where your booth is located.
  • Send your clients and prospective clients and email asking them to set a time to visit your booth for personalized attention. Send information on a new product.
  • If you are taking your clients to lunch or dinner – divide and conquer.  If everyone who works the booth goes to lunch or dinner with one client each you have made 3-5 client connections and solidified that relationship.  Don’t make the mistake of everyone going with 1 client.
  • Consider adding specific times for education/training on your company/products in your booth.
  • Plan staffing – have the minimum necessary in the booth and the rest making contacts.  Make sure each person has a responsibility for customer contact.  You don’t want everyone doing the same thing.
  • Plan for each employee working the trade show to have time to walk the floor and attend workshops.
  • Have you thought about being a sponsor or sponsoring a break or lunch.  Contact the trade show and ask to get more

At The Show – Meet/Greet 


  • Qualify the potential clients who visit your booth – (know your target customer) if you take an extra moment to qualify you will know whether or not it’s worth spending your valuable time with someone.  You don’t want to waste your time as your potential target client walks past because you were tied up with someone who isn’t really interested in your product or service.
  • Once they are qualified – gather their information – business card or put directly into CRM.
  • Communicate – Ask if they would like you to follow up with them after the trade show.  Ask when would be the best time – go ahead and set an appointment.
  • Don’t forget social media – Tweet, LinkedIn, Facebook.
  • Evenings – there’s still time to reach out to potential clients – dinner, receptions.

After The Show – Sales

  • Follow up quickly or they will have forgotten you – no more than 2 business days after event.  Make your follow up meaningful – open ended questions that get them talking – Don’t ask “just calling to see if you have any questions” – the answer will almost always be “No”.
  • Re-motivate your prospective client.  Remind them what you talked about at the trade show.  Re-qualify.
  • Disqualify a prospect – know when to throw in the towel.

Review and Evaluate your Trade Show

  • Measure your ROI


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