Branding Part 1

Is your company facing an identity crisis?  Most business owners don’t know how to brand their company.  We’re here to help.

Here’s the a couple questions you need to know the answer to in order to effectively brand your company:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Who are you?

Break it down and write as many bullet points as you can.

I love it when I am meeting new people and I introduce myself and company and they say oh I’ve heard of Allegro Business Products.  What do you do – I help my clients gain and retain customers.  Powerful huh?

Now that you have a list of who you are and what you do, you are ready to Brand Your Business.  These are our goals to building your brand.

  • Be Smart
  • Be Strategic
  • Tell a Story
  • Make sure your Brand is in alignment with what your customers want

How are you going to make a client think of your business when they need to make a purchase?

  • Identify – tell a story
  • Differentiate – be strategic
  • Build Value – be smart

So what is a Brand?  It has purpose, it’s always changing, never wavering (or character) and helps buyers make quick decisions.

Think of a successful company that has a great brand a great purpose and helps their patrons make quick decisions………



Alexandria, Cole, Holden & Tyler 2015


Branding is POWERFUL!!

Part 1 of 4

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