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Promotional Products Division at Allegro

We help our clients gain and retain customers through Promotional Products, Printed Media and Screen Printed or Embroidered Apparel.


Business Cards





Business cards are a valuable marketing piece for you and your business.  It’s the first glance a person has to make a decision about you and your business.  This is why it amazes me that so many people go cheap on their business cards.  So we’re going to give you some tips for designing, purchasing and using your business card.


Buying Guide: Writing Instruments

PensIt is typically one of the first purchased promotional product because of the ROI and low Cost Per Impression (CPI).  Here’s possibly the biggest problem with pens/writing instruments –  Which one do I choose?  I just did a quick search for pens and how many came up 21,082.  That’s A LOT of pens to choose from and it can be a bit overwhelming.  So if you don’t have a Pen that helps to brand your business – first and foremost, get one and second here are a few tips on how best to pick out a pen.  We will also give you ideas in Part 2 on how to best use your new pen to get the word out about your company.


Case Study: Golf Tournament Fundraising


PROBLEM:  An ongoing frustration of a local golf tournament was that their budget  didn’t allow for quality giveaways for the golfers, and attendance in recent years was declining. Among several suggestions to remedy the challenge, the distributor came up with a dynamic idea for their golfer’s giveaway.


Product Review: 20 oz Himalayian Cup


I recently requested a sample of the 20 oz. Himalayan Cup to see what all the hype was about these new cups keeping my beverage cold or hot.  I’ve had it for about a week and a half and must say, I have been thoroughly impressed.  It’s quickly become my new favorite cup!!


12 Months of Advertising in 1 Product

Yes I said 12 Months – have you figured out the product?



Trending Product









Promo Product Specials

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These are just a few that we post, make sure to check out all our Promo Product Specials  here.

About Allegro

  • We are your One Stop Supplier for ALL your business needs.  
  • We help our clients gain and retain clients through promotional products, printed media, and screen printed or embroidered apparel.  
  • Financial and Banking Supplies for front or back office.  
  • Printers, Toner and Ink Jet Cartridges


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