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Case Study Chocolate!



Just in case you are wondering??  Wait why would anyone wonder that?

Chocolate is one of the most underused promotional products on the whole but is so versatile and pleasing.  If you think about it for a minute it gives your client the opportunity to engage almost all of their senses – see, taste, touch and smell.

Combining chocolate with memorable packaging could be the win win you are looking for to brand and market your business affordably……..And who doesn’t love chocolate??

Why Chocolate


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Case Studies



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Promotional Products Work Week May 23-27, 2016


Promotional Products Case Studies


PI - AMA Pic

Case Study – AMA







American Marketing Association

Objective: To generate interest in the American Marketing Association and to increase membership by reflecting a high degree of industry expertise and credibility.

Strategy & Execution: Using a marketing program to connect with savvy, senior-level marketing professionals is a daunting task. This is an audience not easily won over by average campaigns or unoriginal ideas. Still, the AMA rose to the challenge, opting to keep it traditional by designing a pen, but adding a modern twist to this classic promotional item. Presented at the 2006 “M.planet” industry conference, the handsome, vivid orange pen doubled as a USB flash drive. The drive came pre-loaded with all conference materials: PowerPoint presentations, articles, speaker support, literature and seminar materials. The large capacity of the drives still allowed for plenty of personal storage space.  One end of the pen could also be used as a stylus for PDAs, making this “old school” item a thoroughly modern device for the electronic age. Of course, presentation is everything, and the AMA made sure the pen was delivered in a dramatic, black and silver alloy case…totally cool and stylish.

Results: The pens were an immediate hit, but when conference attendees realized they’d be taking home all of the conference materials and presentations on the pen’s flash drive, the buzz surrounding the pens spread even more quickly. AMA continues to get calls from marketing professionals asking about the pen.


PI - Aqua Condominiums Pic

Case Study – Aqua Condo







Aqua Condominiums

Objective: To boost and sustain owner excitement and commitment during the two-year construction phase of a beachfront resort condominium project.

Strategy & Execution: During the construction of the Aqua Condominium Resort, extreme hurricane activity in the area threatened to discourage owners who had signed pre-construction contracts. To keep enthusiasm high among potential owners, developers employed an ongoing promotional product campaign to build brand awareness and loyalty. A collection of premium gifts was selected and branded with the Aqua logo. Throughout the two years of construction, owners regularly received luxury beach towels, tote bags, cheese sets, chef’s aprons, bath robes and other items, all designed to paint a picture of what the relaxing, carefree lifestyle would be like, once the condominiums were complete. The campaign was supported by quarterly newsletters, personal letters from the developer and “road show” owner parties in various cities where pockets of owners lived…truly a multi-faceted, cohesive marketing campaign. The final touch was an acrylic Aqua logoed wine bucket and a bottle of wine welcoming owners to their new condominium.

Results: Upon completion of the property, every pre-construction contract converted to a closed unit. Furthermore, due to heightened brand awareness and buzz, the 212 units condominium tower can boast 100-percent closed status.


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A Study in Stress

A Study in STRESS; yes I said stress.

That title may have been just a little misleading. Instead of stress….think stress relieving. How do you relieve your stress? You have a huge meeting coming up and you are stressed. You look down on your desk and see this cute squishy thing smiling up at you. Pick it up and squeeze. Now don’t you feel better?

Stress relievers are complex products. They are squeezable, squishy, come in an array of colors, sizes and shapes. They have transformed from the circular shapes of yesteryear; now any shape or color you can think of can be made into a stress reliever.   The possibilities are endless.

So why spend your marketing dollars on a squishy thing? It’s more than a “cute thing you squeeze when you are nervous”.  Stress relievers are an inexpensive way to easily and quickly convey a huge message to your clients.  Adding them to your marketing event is a stress free decision.  Just like when your customers look at your branded stress reliever, they think positive thoughts about your company and you.

Ideas for promoting with stress relievers:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Sporting events
  • Fundraisers
  • Showcase a new product or idea
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Holiday’s
  • To say Thank you
  • Go Green “Recycle”

The list literally goes on and on. The best part of stress relievers, they are FUN!!! Let us help you develop a Stress Relieving Campaign.   Comment on this blog and we’ll send you a free sampling of  stress relievers. After all, we could ALL use a little less stress.


Here are some of our favorite stress relievers.